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Default Re: But is it Too Late to Fix Ben ?!

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Yeah but it's a fact that Ben doesn't throw 45 TD's a year and his QB rating isn't 158, so obviously he's not built for this league and frankly, I just can't understand how we've managed to put up with him for as long as we have!

I mean, ONLY 3 Super Bowls in what? Seven years?
The guy is obviously dogshit!
Yeah, but don't forget he rode the defense's back every time.

Actually, I jest. I agree with you 110%. The dude may not do it all pretty like Brady and put up HUGE numbers like the other fantasy princesses, he's a gamer and just the type of guy I enjoy watching/having on our team. AND, he's numbers ARE NOT THAT BAD. Look at Ws and Ls, YPA/YPC, career QB rating, etc... Sure, he looked slow at the end of the year HE COULD BARELY WALK! (You forgot drama queen, btw )

If that's dogshit...

I agree that with an OC that can figure out a better play in the red zone than "Everyone try to get open while Ben gets chased around the pocket" then the team is going to be dangerous!
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