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Default Re: But is it Too Late to Fix Ben ?!

The guy is a freaking hero in my book. Nothing that needs "fixing". Can he improve? Yes. So can Tom Brady. So could Peyton Manning before the injury. So can ANYONE at ANYTHING. Nobody is 100 percent perfect.

But you know what I say? I say we should be grateful for having Big Ben, because he goes out there and plays his heart out despite being hurt. He is also mobile enough (atleast when all limbs are intact) to actually make it viable to play with that OL of ours.

Honestly, to badmouth the guy for his performance in the matches after the Browns game, when he displayed great loyalty and leadership by even stepping out on the field is just nonsense. If he HADNT played he would have gotten crap for not being tough enough for the team.

As far as his character - are we talking about that stuff early last season? Or the motorcycle accident?

The accident, fine. He was being an asshole riding his bike. Seen any stories about him doing that lately?

About those women? Was he charged? It was all about "placing himself in that situation", as if he let the team down by going to a club in the offseason.

Seriously.. Leave the guy alone.
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