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Default Re: Sean Kugler: No interest in the OC Job

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
The main problem with Fichtner is that his unit has regressed during his tenure. Charlie Batch has stayed consistent, but Ben peaked in year two (OK, maybe year four) and has dipped a bit if anything since then. Dixon is a complete waste. Leftwich... who knows? Who cares? He's probably gone this year.

I still want to know why not Scottie Montgomery? They can't say he's too young, as that would disqualify Tomlin as well. His troops have definitely answered the call, so...

Judging Kugler based on how this line performs is quite simply not fair. He got his first and second rounders (Pouncey and Gilbert) to perform admirably, and he worked minor miracles with Legursky and Starks. And almost everyone was hurt, so it's just not enough evidence on which to say if he's any good or not.
I agree with you 100 % about Fitchener, but at the same time Jonathan Scott is Kuglers guy...And Gilbert had Tomlin get in his Ass twice this season about his preparedness, going so far as benching him, Also on Kugler....Starks looked better but we're comparing him to Scott remember? And Legursky as much as i like the Dude Seems like he's getting smaller every year as these Dlinemen get bigger and was thrown all over the place by Ayers against Denver...

So hopefully Kugler gets better players next season..but if he does and the results are the same, it's time to start judging...
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