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Default Re: What about next year????

Originally Posted by FrancoLambert View Post
Inside linebacker = 1st need
D-Line = 2nd need
But both are behind our first overall need = O-line

I was thinking the same thing, there was no way our O-line would have held their own against ANY of those pass rushing fronts (maybe the Pats? maybe?).
We're not as spare along the O-line as people are making us out to be. Pouncey is clearly entrenched as a starter for the long haul, and Gilbert showed these year that he has the makings of an effective right tackle. Starks will be okay, I think, for at least one more year at LT, or Colon if he can stay healthy. The real problems are at the guard positions, which I do agree we need to draft one in the 1st or 2nd round.

At least two-fifths of our line looks like they are here to stay. We can get away with Starks or Colon at LT for another year or two, if they see fit to bring him back. Foster and Legursky (Kemo appears to be gone by consensus) are both undrafted FAs who have played beyond expectations just by starting. I don't think either of them is an awful player, but I do agree that we need to draft a stud to plug into one of those guard positions.

Past that, we clearly need a middle linebacker to replace Farrior, eventually if not this year, unless the organization has high hopes for Slyvester or Chris Carter. I haven't seen enough of either of them to pass my own judgement. Other need is in the middle of the D-Line with Casey departing, unless we move Zig inside to make a space for Heyward at end.
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