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Default Re: Do you think the Arians "retirement" was a shot across Tomlins Bow....

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
Is AR II the youngest of the owners? What chit are you referring to that Mike needs to start walking? The guys been great by any standards among his peers in the NFL HCing fraternity. What does he have to prove specifically?

I agree he is off to a good start... what does he have to prove??? he needs to prove he can win with his own team and his own people.. So far hes won with Bills team.. Bills D coord and bill cowhers star players... Only thing that is different from when Bill was here is the O... Tomlin put BA in place.. in which we got rid of the full back and started throwing on 3rd and inches.

at this point I view Mike no different then Barry Switzer and george Seifort... Again Tomlin is off to a good start and I actually think he is helping to bring in good players.. Wallace, Brown, Woodley, timmons hood....etc... I think he will end up being good over the long haul.. but right now he as won with Cowhers people and to me we will see what kind of coach he really is over the next 5 to 7 years.

As far as talking the talk everyone is getting tired of all the movie quotes and shit hes says but dont back up exmaple"""" Tomlin said we are gonna unleesh HELL! then we got our ass kicked 2 or 3 games in a row...

My favorie quote is " Put it on Tape" I just wished he would practice what he says and quit talking bullshit... Issac Redman come out a few years ago and put it on tape.. kicked ass on tape.. then Tomlin cut him.. thank GOD no one picked him up.. David Johnson puts it on tape every week... the tape shows he sucks but Tomlin keeps him in... CHris Kemo... sucked for two years on tape before we finally benched him... John Scott on tape sucking but Tomlin keeps playing him until BEN almost Dies against the colts and we do something...

Put it on Tape.. Put it on Tape.... ok Mike Watch the damn Tape
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