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Default Re: Do you think the Arians "retirement" was a shot across Tomlins Bow....

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I think you may have some kind of ax to grind with Mike.

You said we lost two or three games in a row after Mike talked about unleeshing Hell? Well, we lost a few games with a banged up team but we still finished 12 - 4 on the year in spite of being banged up. We have had a very good win loss record since 2007 with two SB apperances (1 win). Thats not too shabby.

You said that Mike won with Cowher's people? Thank God he has and it was a wise move on his part to maintain continuity. It took Cowher over a decade to win a SB with whatever players he had. I don't knock coach Cowher and consider him a Great coach but based on your logic, he was a failure (I don't think he was). I think Mike's been winning with His Own Team for quite some time now. He is the Steeler HC and has been since 2007.

I'll move forward and let you have your opinion on this.

I was reffering to his comment of unleeshing hell the year we missed the playoffs two years ago.. I dont have a beef with Mike.. I think he is off to a good start as well.. Im just looking at the facts.. I believe any average Coach could step in change nothing and win with the Steelers that Cowher left behind.. Cowher Took over a Decade to win the big one but we also had more wins then anyone during Cowhers time here.. not to mention he didnt have BEN for most of those years.. lets face it if you dont have a great QB its very hard to Win the Superbowl.

Back to my point I just think Tomlin got a team much like Barry Switzer did at Dallas.. He didnt have to to anything but not mess it up.. I feel like his in game decesions are getting better but have been down right terrible.. We are watching a very good X and O coach grow up and become a head coach before our eyes.. I actually think he could become one of the best coaches to come along in years.. He is not there yet. I understand how good hes done out the gate but again anyone with football knowledge could have done it with our team.. His ablity as a coach will define its self over the next 5 to 7 years... Like I said.. He is off to a good start with replacing players etc..

My main problem is if you tell the world you are a no bull shit kind of coach and you coach by what you see on tape then why in the world doesnt he pract what he preaches... Your a steeler fan you can tell me you can see every game that Chris Kemo Kills us.. or how terrible David Johnson is trying to play full back..

I Think Mike is a great talker but his mouth gets him in trouble sometimes.. If you are gonna be that direct you have to back it up.. you cant just nod your head and change nothing.. This is exactly what the problem was with BA.. for whatever Reason Tomlin cant see what ever other football mind in america sees.. BA just wasnt that good.. I think he talks a good game but when it comes to sitting across the table and making tough decesions it doesnt seem like he wants to pull the trigger..

oh well I dont think we have to agree to disagree... I agree with you Mike is off to a hell of a start.. I guess the only part I disagree on is Im not ready to label him as one of the greatest. Im not ready to put him in with the likes of Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Cowher... Not yet but as he goes along he is on his way thats for sure... all the above guys are HOF coaches... lets see where Mike ends up
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