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Default Re: New Steelers Video

Originally Posted by Hines Alou
dude that guy took the exact idea of my video that was shown to the team before super bowl XL...its still good though

heres my original video

talk about taking the EXACT TEXT that I thought of...

this is like the 5th person whos done least mine got recognized by the team before the big game! :)
Hines, don't sweat it man. Your idea and presentation was so much better than his. I've watched his a few time and I do like the first half but the second doesn't go right at all. I like hearin the chants and quotes from the players but at the end it just kinda trails off. I give you all the credit for the original idea and presentation. Your super bowl vid is on my myspace and I watch it at least once a week and still get chills down my spine watchin it. Keep at it wit them because you got some good talent. On a side note, on youtube I clicked to find some of your other vids and it brought up one of one I think it was called "White Ballers" with a bunch of guys doin AND1 mixtape type shit goofin around in their driveway. If that was you guys which one is you? It was funny to watch I'll have to go back and watch it all the way through (I had to break off and go study before). Let me know bro. Peace.


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