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Default Re: Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger wants an answer from Rooney

Did any of you bother _READING_ the article? Or are you too busy trying to find reasons to badmouth Big Ben? What he said was that he wanted to know what Rooney wants from the Offense. And for that, he needs to shut up? Its a legitimate concern - his OC is gone. So presumably, the offense WILL go in a new direction.. As a QB, he should be concerned - and he should probably be curious about which direction the offense is headed. Which is what he said.

The fact that they descided to give the article the spin of him "wanting an answer", implies he somehow is demanding an answer regarding why Arians was let go. Thats the WRITERs spin on it. Ben said no such thing. In no way was he out of line here.
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