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Default Re: Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger wants an answer from Rooney

Hey, "newsflash" Ben, the "lyrics" of that song are about to change for you.
Rooney's ANSWER: "...Here's your new (OC)Boss, and it WILL NOT Be The same as your old (OC)Boss...!!!"
And that's comin from way up top. -'ya know, the one that pays you, invested in you,..., your employer.
So, I like Ben's attitude to this "change", but, maybe it hasn't quite sunk into him yet. You can't candy-ass it, this time.
However, there will definitely be some changes bud.
In other words, our "O" has sucked, somewhat, in comparison to our "D". !
- That's the only thing YOU need to worry about.
I'll save you the trip to "... asking Rooney." ?
Now, just shut your yap, and stay in great shape -health-wise, practice, work-out, practice, work-out...., so, there's your answer from Rooney, AND Tomlin, until THEY gets YOU a replacement OC, that SUITS the Steelers' as a whole, NOT just YOU, Ben. -not ever again.

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