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Default Re: Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger wants an answer from Rooney

Originally Posted by Steel_Bus_24 View Post

Mr.Rooney should say

"Ben I love ya man, but this type of sh***y redzone efficiency has to stop.........last I checked they're still only handing out 3 for FGs"
and you still have to actually make the fieldgoal to get the points, which in our case is about as likely as redzone TDs.

BR seriously thinks he's going to challenge the owner? Not a smart career move. 5 years from now the Rooneys will still own the Steelers, and BR will be in some phase of retirement, (possibly playing for one of those teams that loves to pay washed up players to live the delusion that they still have something, but even those teams are becoming rare).

Hopefully Rooney will remember that he is speaking to a child in an adult body, and explain to BR that he will start learning the direction of the offense when he sees the new playbook and starts hearing a new voice in his helmet, and that the guy who knew so little about football that he actually consulted with in idiot like Ben no longer works for the Steelers, or any other football team on the planet, but has sent his resume to every organization that even has pictures of footballs hanging on their walls. If Rooney forgets that he is speaking to a child in an adult body, it could get very ugly.
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