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Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
unless we find a way to block signups we're fighting a losing battle. most of em are signing up when a mod isn't logged on, and you can never tell for sure which ones to ban. not to mention to perma ban someone you need to give them 5 infractions which is a much bigger pain in the ass than if we had the option to 1 click ban an account
Honestly, it doesn't matter if your logged in or not (though maybe the fact that I was logged in for the better part of the day most of the time helped deter them a little bit).

Can you use the grey mod page? If you can, it's easy enough to pick out the spammers. They have nonsensical names, their birthdays (year) will be in the 80's and the date will always be around the time they are signing up, and you can check their IPs. (you can check IPs from their posts as well, if you are not's on the bottom left).

I'm not sure what you are able to do right now though, mod wise. I can imagine that just being able to give out infractions is frustrating.
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