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Default Re: Could the Casey Hampton Injury Push Steelers Towards A 4-3 Defense?

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
Actually we do have the personal to switch.
It would take atleast a couple years for the coaching staff to change the ability and habits within our forefront. That would be a huge change that would effect the whole landscape of the defense. As you said, LeBeau isn't a 4-3 kind of guy and Tomlin doesn't have the strangle-hold on any of his coordinators to take over what needs to be done by switching from a 3-4, to a 4-3. Guys like Woodley and Harrison would have a difficult time going up against more of the interior lineman playing close to the line of scrummage and it would take a more athletic move to gain depth in their pass rushing abilities and Timmons hasn't shown he can be the big man in the middle if need-be, always playing out of position and a more 4-3 approach would ask Timmon's to take a bigger responsibility in the middle. Not sure if he's built for that.

As you said, it's becoming more and more of a passing league and the 4-3 defense's strength's is set up more-so against the run and the 3-4 is obviously geared better against the pass since you can bring a tormenting pass-rush and better matchup's against the edge with your best pass-rushers. We drafted guys like Woodley, Worlids and Timmons because of their ability to mold themselves in a scheme of pressure and the ability to move around in that 4th/5th blitzer package, not to be a stagnant, stay at home type player. We won't see the 4-3 under LeBeau or Butler IMHO.
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