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I do not think this offense if that far from being pretty good. Will we have a Saints, NE, or Packer type offense, not no but Hell NO. Steelers have always played a balance between defense and offense, to play the run and shoot type offense will put our defense on the field to much, witness the NE/Steeler game this year. You beat high powered teams by limiting the number of times they touch the ball. You pressure the QB and if lucky create turnovers.

This offense needs a OC who will eliminate stupid penalities first, have runners and receivers both hold onto the ball, cut down on Bens multiple INT games, work with Kruger on better schemes with the line to protect and/or run block better (hopefully with a new face or two). Further more I do not expect oour Defense to finish last in turnovers this coming year which will result in more short field situation.

This offense does not need a wholesale revamp. While many will disagree this offense has scored as much as many of Cowhers best offensive teams. And we all know how run heavy they were, it is now a passing league and scoring will have to increase to keep pace.
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