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Default Re: Why would we give up on Gay now?

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
If you can change just one play this past season, and undo gay's horrifying failure against Baltimore, we get the tiebreaker and have the bye week. gay cost us that, and no matter how high the "Gay meter" goes, or how much love his fans give up to him, it won't get us that bye week back.

Everyone sings his praises when he has a few weeks in a row where he doesn't cost us major losses. I guess that makes him a hero. FYI, Ike isn't so hot either. he just happens to be the best. All that said, is till wouldn't draft a CB in round one. I think we have young guys already on the roster that should step up, and even if not and the secondary continues to suck, we need those high picks elsewhere first.
Just so you know, Ryan Clark blew the play against Baltimore and admitted as much. He was late getting over and cut his angle short and actually ended up cutting off Gay from being able to make any kind of play on the ball. Gay was suppossed to be in a trailing position with Clark having the coverage over the top. You can go watch it again on youtube.
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