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Default Re: But is it Too Late to Fix Ben ?!

One last point.. Cowher took a team that had not won or been a real superbowl contender since 83 -84 basically about 6 0r 7 years of average to below average football... the next year he won the divison and of course was in AFC championship game and superbowl within the first 4 years... pretty impressive

Tomlin took over IMO one of the best talented teams in the history of football with a Franchise QB... very few Coaches ever step into something like this.. Two come to my mind.. Barry Switzer and George Siefort

Really think about it James Harrison, Arron Smith, Big Snack, Hines Ward, the BUS ( yes he was winding down ) Troy Pol, Big BEN...etc... etc... hell there are 3 HOF on this list at least... james Farrior Ike Taylor should get mentioned....

anyway how many coaches in history have taken over a team like this... Again dont get me wrong the people he is adding to it look to be in the next great line of Steelers.. So I agree Tomlin is on his way to greatness but no doubt about it Cowher had to rebuild a legecy... ground up... Tomlin just needed to tweak it a bit and get out the way dont screw it up so to speak
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