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Default Re: But is it Too Late to Fix Ben ?!

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
I agree Cowher did great, but a couple of counter points. Tomlin inherited a great team after what I would call a fluke year in 2006 that finished 8-8. Since then Tomlin's worst year was 9-7 where the defense played less than sterling. Cowher's team matched Tomlin's worst year or finished even worse 6 times in his 15 yr tenure. Cowher preached defense, much as we do today. Cowher believed in ball control, much like we did this past season. Cowher liked the power running game, we did not have that. Yet some on this board yearn for good ole Cowher days and while it produced "mostly" winning seasons, we came up short 13 out of 14 times advancing to the SuperBowl. Only the year O'Donnell played great did we make it to the show. Along come Ben and that all changes, sure we have great defenses nearly every year but Ben is the X factor come playoff times. Is he infallible ,no. After the Packers run last year and their near perfect regular season some thought Rodgers would lead them to the Championship again. It did not happen, we are unrealistic in expectations from not just our team but Ben also. I for one like our chances if we can stay healthy and get some help on the Line along with one more stud on defense. BTW I think O'Donnell takes alot of heat from our SuperBowl loss but before Ben came along he was the Best QB we had since TB.

Post Script: If Tomlin remains our Coach for an extended number of years I believe he will have some less than stellar years also. Longevity in coaching will catch up to you eventually.

I agree with alot of your points.. and I agree Tomlin will have a few off years.. I agree he looks like he can follow in the footsteps of Cowher and Noll and win games... but While I agree Tomlin seems to get a bad rap at times on some boards Cowher does as well... Bill Cowher is a HOF coach who under Cowher we had more wins than anyone in football.. The fact that just about every year under Cowher we made the playoffs and had a shot to go to the superbowl is wonderful.. If Tomlin can do that for us then Im sure most will respect him when its all said and done.l

I guess my main point when I debate on the mess boards about this is simple.. Tomlin is far to young in this thing to compare him to Cohwers, or Parcells, Nolls etc... Yes Bill only got the one super bowl Victory but he belongs on the list with the greats.. most experts Ive heard put him there.. Tomlin needs years to prove he belongs on the list..

The one thing I do disagree with you about is just how great of a turn around Cowher had to do with his team.. where as Tomlin had a Superbowl Team.. I still say just about any coach in football could have won the first couple of years with our Steelers... I do also give Tomlin Credit because his guys are now blending in and taking over and we still look great.. lets hope we keep it up and after the next twelve n four season maybe we can go into the playoffs a little more healthy...

One win over the ravens or maybe Texans or 9ers and I very well could have been playing the G men this week a match up I think we could have won... not to mention If we would have hosted AFC champ game I had 40 Yard line tickets Row A upper deck... very sweet seat I was licking my chops to have

oh well lets do it next year...Time to start talking about Free Agents and Draft IMO
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