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Default Re: Could the Casey Hampton Injury Push Steelers Towards A 4-3 Defense?

Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
We really don't have the personell to run the 4-3. We don't really have 4-3 OLB. Woodley and Worilds are DE in that scheme. Same for Carter and probably Harrison as well although James would make the adjustment to. Sam or Will backer. We have been drafting 4-3 ends to play 3-4 OLB. We have a quality group for the DL but would need ro draft OLB and have otherneeds like OL. Down the road maybe but for the immediate future we should sray with the 3-4.
exactly. i couldn't help but chuckle at the post suggesting woodley or worilds as 4-3 OLBer.
they'd get torched all day long trying to cover TE's and RB's.
timmons could play the middle , harrison could maybe be the sam , and the closest thing to a will backer on the team would be troy.
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