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Default Re: Could the Casey Hampton Injury Push Steelers Towards A 4-3 Defense?

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
i personally like our defense and dont care either ways if we stick with the 3-4 or go 4-3. we have players that can play both types and will basically have the same players on the field. we were unstoppable as a 4-3 in the 70's and we were great with the 4-3 more recently.

im not going to complain or say its not possible like some of you if Tomlin decides to change and im certainly not going to complain if we stay the same. either way we have the players to be dominant.

odds are we will remain a 3-4 and draft a NT in the 1st round of the draft
According to Lebeau, they play the 4-3 all the time, just mixing it up. I think "all the time" is a bit of a stretch, but obviously we've got talented guys who can follow instructions. Still, so much of our personnel and scheme is expressly devoted to implementing a highly successful 3-4, I just don't see a change in the next decade. Especially if, as I've read, it's actually cheaper.
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