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Default You tell me.

Tomlin and the Steeler offense come under a lot abuse on this board. From Tomlin can only win with Cowhers team, we have gotten away from the running game, without the defense this team could do nothing. I would like to address the Defense part first.

Defense has been the cornerstone of this Great franchise since the day they drafted Joe Greene. Defense has always been priority number one and it pains me to see a league that has de-emphasized the importance of defense by constantly altering rules that allow the offense more freedom.

Tomlin has been accused of only winning with Cowhers players and that is true, but only to a point. This team has a lot of new and younger players that are his and Colberts players. This team is more Tomlins than Cowher.

Lets do some quick comparisons of the two. Cowher took over a down team and quickly returned them to the playoffs. The first six years of his 15 year tenure yielded six straight playoff berths. By this time Cowher should of had all his player firmly in place. Now what happened the next 9 years, the Steelers made the playoffs 4 more times and won a SuperBowl (after finally getting a franchise QB) but missed the playoffs 5 times. Impressive still is 10-15 making the playoffs. BTW one year Cowhers team made the playoffs with a 9-7 record and it is odd the only year Tomlins team has not made the playoffs was an identical 9-7 record.

As far as scoring Cowhers best year was 1995 when we scored 407 points, we passed for over 4000 yards as a team and had a committee of backs that rushed for 1852 yards. Tomlins best scoring came in 2007 with 393 points the team had only 3400 yards passing but 2168 yards rushing, this did not produce a great season at 10-6 but did make the playoffs only to see us lose the Jags. In comparisons this years team had 4300 yards and 1903 yards rushing.

Historically, other than the 70's team the Steelers have always struggled to score points in droves. We bemoan the lack of scoring from this team when in reality Cowhers team scored less. Just a few of the playoff game scores from Cowhers era. In 1992 lost to Bills 3-24, 1993 lost to KC 24-27 OT, 1994 lost AFC 13-17 SD, 1995 beat Colts 20-16 lost to Dallas 17-27, 1996 NE 3-28, and 1997 Den 21-24.

The league has changed offensively and we need to change or be left behind. Cowhers early years he won with the formula that at that time was the norm, but while it yielded winning teams it failed when playoff time came, one because we did not have an X factor at QB, and second good teams eventually will limit your run game. The other X factor in any game is turnovers, whether it be you make them or cause them.

That is why I think this teams offense needs just a little "tweaking" to become much better, but to be honest the offense is basically doing what it always has.
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