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As I have posted previously, one reason I believe Tomlin gets more grief than Cowher did for a mediocre offense is that Cowher would fire an OC if he thought there was room for improvement whereas ownership had to force the issue with Arians

Offensive rankings in points scored under Cowher's offensive coordinators and Arians were as follows

Ron Erhardt

1992 - 15
1993 - 13
1994 - 16
1995 - 5

The spike in 1995 was attributed to a shift to more passing and Chan Gailey being more involved in the play calling - when the Jets (who were taking on O'Donnell as QB) requested permission to interview Gailey for OC, - "the Steelers asked Erhardt to retire and, when he didn't, they fired him." (sound familiar?),3261649

Chan Gailey (who was hired to be teh Cowboys HC)

1996 - 11
1997 - 7

After Gailey left voluntarily Ray Sherman was hired

1998 - 25

By the end of the 1998 season Sherman was such a disaster that Cowher had taken over the play calling and Sherman was fired after one season - Ron Cook's response was that Sherman getting canned added to Cowher's "growing reputation as a madman to work for.",181744

Kevin Gilbride

1999 - 17
2000 - 17

Cowher explained Gilbride's termination after two mediocre season as follows:

"I just wasn't comfortable with the direction we were heading in the passing game," Cowher said. "We were 29th in the league in passing when he got here and we were 29th in the league this season.".... We've given it two years to see some progress and I wasn't comfortable with where that was going."

Mike Mularkey (left to become HC with Buffalo)

2001 - 7
2002 - 8
2003 - 19

Ken Whisenhunt (not hired as Steelers HC/hired asArizona HC)

2004 - 11
2005 - 9
2006 - 12

Bruce Arians

2007 - 9
2008 - 20
2009 - 12
2010 - 12
2011 - 21

No way Arians would have lasted 5 seasons under Cowher with that record

Two of the three seasons over the last 20 years in which the Steelers ranked in the 20s with regard to points scored were under Arians

While the offense may only need to be tweaked it obviously needed a new tweaker as OC
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