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Default Re: Roethlisberger's words not damning

Originally Posted by former RB View Post
The job of an OC is to design the plays in the playbook and call plays during the game.
The QB makes or breaks the OC.
If the OC calls XY slant, Z curl in, then the QB calls the play in the huddle. That play would be a 3 step drop and throw by the QB. If the QB doesn't throw the ball, the play breaks down. The O-line expects to hold their block for 2 seconds. The recievers run those routes in 2 seconds and look for the ball.
The QB has to scramble, the WR's run fire routes, the line looks for someone to block again. However the plays ends, it isn't by design.

The dumb fan sitting on his couch watching the game and drinking beer says "What the hell was that? The line sucks!" Or "What kind of trash play was that? The play calling sucks!" Or "We need better WR's that can get open".

The fact is, you can't judge an OC or his play design or play calling if you don't know how the play was designed or what play was called.

The problem in Pittsburgh is that Ben doesn't pull the trigger. He needs too much time. He grew up making big plays by buying time, so that is a HABIT that he got into.

Fans don't understand football. Thats the problem with forums like this. thats why people who DO understand football, usually don't appear around here.

Running play calling is determined mostly by watching film. What technique does the D lineman usually play. D line trechnique is numbered for coaching purposes. If a D lineman lines up right in front of the O lineman, its one technique, if the D lineman lines up in the gap, its another technique. If the D lineman lines up onb the right shoulder of an O lineman, or the other shoulder, its yet another technique.

The OC watchs film to see how the D line is lining up and noting down and distance.
He picks the running plays he will call during the game, based on what he sees on film, and if it seems to pan out during the game. The problems arise if the RB doesn't get to the hole during the split second it is open. Or if the D line stunts, or if the LB's run blitz. Its a chess game.

The DC on the other team is watching film and looking for blocking weaknesses on the O line of the other team. Some O linemen have trouble if a Dlineman lines up on one of their shoulders.

OC and DC don't coach up players, the position coachs do.

The best OC in the world can't help Kemoeatu handle a D line stunt on his right shoulder if he just can't handle it as a man and a player. The only thing an OC can do is replace Kemoeatu with another player. But that player might have a weakness. Maybe it is strwentgh and he can't handle a bull rush.

The same thing goes for DB's. a WR might take the entire game to set-up a DB to bite on a deep out so he can beat him for a TD on a wheel route. If the game long set up works just a little bit and the Wr gets the DB off his hip and behind him a half step, and the QB makes a great throw, the DB gets beat.

Forums like this are good for fan discussion, but I find it laughable - and sometimes disgusting- to read some of the posts.

I can read a post and tell you with 99% certainty and accuracy whether or not the poster ever played the game or understands anything about the game. I am positive that 90% of the people who post here don't know the grade school fundamantals of the game. But then, thats why people love guys like Pouncey. Most teams play a 3-4. A center gets more than enough help against a 3-4. But when Pouncey has to play a 4-3 and handle 2 gaps, he gets his lunch taken from him. With most teams playing 3-4, centers get guard help from both guards on almost every play. The nose tackle in a 3-4 isn't even trying to get a pass rush, he just wants to plug 2 gaps in case of a run. Pouncey can't handle a 4-3 defense set. Yet the "fans" vote him for the pro bowl.

And I've found that trying to educate a "fan" about football, only makes them angry. They are stupid and they love it.
Are you trying to create you're own playbook on here? I swear every post i've seen from you, you are drawing up a play. It's the NFL, it's not Madden, I can pick a defense apart on Madden, but if I watched an NFL defense, i'd have a lot of trouble with what their doing. I think you're still thinking this is a Madden game.
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