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Default Re: Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger wants an answer from Rooney

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Hey I hate the way some of the posters on this board jumped at the mere hint of "Drama" or "controversy". If you are not a fan of the current Steeler QB then you take every opportunity to twist any media to shed a bad light on him or the current coaching staff. Homers are one thing but to just lurk and then post hateful posts about members of this team whether its true or not is worst than trolls. What if Ben had been the one fined by the NFL for cell phone use on the sideline instead of Troy, we would still hear how selfish he was, or more "drama". BTW I had no problem with Troy using phone but I also had no problem with the league enforcing a rule. Yea I know the league reversed that fine, but would it have made a difference if it had been our QB.

Note: this post was not directed to you 6rings just using your quote to make my point.
No hard feelings, to me, it amazes me how it appears that the media tries to find a way to make the Steelers the "Bad Guy"
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