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Default Re: You tell me.

If last seasons team would have been anywhere near the top 10 say 10 to 12 for scoring we would be in the Super Bowl. This team went 12-4 with a sputtering offense 21st in scoring bring that down to 10-12 in scoring and the team is easily 15-1 14-2 and seated as the number one seed having everything coming through the Burgh. Losing to Baltimore wouldn't have even been an issue.

Arians had only to adjust to the realities that the O-Line was banged up all season long riddled with injuries and call plays accordingly. He called a great first half against the Patriots a really solid game against Seattle and the Titans. Other then that it was spurts of good fundamental football moving the chains getting the first downs and getting the ball out of BBs hands quickly.

For some reason he would consistently throw a wrench into it all by calling for long bombs and trying to force the long developing pass plays. Teams that could keep us to 3rd and long ate us alive. Look at the 49er game absolutely ZERO adjustments in his play calling when he knew BB was immobile and the 49ers have a tremendously fast pass rush.

He never adjusted and never adapted to the realities at hand. The short passing game when he called it worked ridiculously well mixed with the running game and some PA this team can move down field like any of the other elite offenses.
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