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Default Re: Tomlin met with former Colts HC Jim Caldwell???

Caldwell is a joke. He would have had two 2-14 seasons had Peyton not been there to run the team for him in 2010.

If we hire Caldwell as OC, then it will likely result in one of two scenarios:

1. an offense that's even weaker than when we had Bruce Arians

2. an offense that improves because Caldwell is one of those guys that doesn't mind sitting in the background and letting the QB run the show

The second scenario is a possibility, really. Caldwell was a non-coach when Peyton was the QB in Indy. Considering that the Steelers played better when Ben called the plays, perhaps the Rooneys and Tomlin have decided that their best offensive player needs to be calling the shots. That, of course, is a risk... I love Ben but I don't know that he's quite at Peyton's level in that regard. I certainly think he's a leader but he's not the type of QB who can cover for all of his team's shortcomings the way someone like Peyton or Brady can.
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