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Default Re: Starkey: Steelers president out of bounds?

Originally Posted by former RB View Post
Well, ignorant people around here - posing as informed people - like to repeat their spew from thread to thread. They make ignorant comments that have no basis in fact or reality.
And i often see it in all caps.

How can these people blame the O line and the OC when Ben doesn't run the called play? I can't even stand to watch a game at the bar with my friends because the people at the bar cry about the same thing. They bitch and moan and complain about the play calling and the lousy O line pass blocking. - I always have to remind them that if they want to judge, then judge when the called play is actually ran.

Pro QB's drop back, set up, then throw. Ben drops back, sets up, and holds the ball. Or scrambles. No QB gets more than 3 or 4 seconds from the time they get the snap until they throw.
Great Rb's run for 4.0 average. Poor Rb's run for 3.5 average. Bettis averaged about 4.1 over his career. Mendenhall is at less than 4.0. LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT IN THE NFL. Note*[RB AVERAGES ARE MY EDUCATED GUESS IN THIS POST]. I may be off by .1 on Bettis.

Talented RB's don't need a great line to run for over 4.0 per attempt. Payton, Simpson, Sanders, Martin, and Bo Jackson are good examples.

Steelers are bad judges of Rb talent. Remember some #1's - Tim Worley, Walter Abercrombie, Rashard Mendenhall.

There is an opportunity for a team to pick up Taiwan Jones from the Raiders because they want some draft picks this year and they have good RB depth.

TAIWAN JONES, WILL PROBABLY LEAD THE LEAGUE IN RUSHING THIS YEAR. And he probably won't play much until McFadden gets hurt for the year - which could happen on any carry. The league ain't seen the likes of Taiwan Jones since the days of Bo Jackson.
Okay. This is the same opinion in which you just shared thirty minutes ago, and that you've shared countless time's beforehand. I've read over your opinion, and I agree with it in some areas, and in other areas I don't. I certainly respect your opinion, as I do everyone's, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with every aspect of it? Nor does any other member.

Now, as for Taiwan Jones, why do you have so much faith in this kid? I remember him from E. Washington, but i'm not familiar with what he's done so far in the NFL to prove himself as a threat as the running back position? I'm going to look up some highlight videos on him now, i'm intrigued.

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