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Default Re: Starkey: Steelers president out of bounds?

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
Why are so many writers up in arms about Bruce freakin Arians. The guy is and always was a shitty play caller. A blind midget could figure it out after a few games. The bases of an OC is to call plays well. That is the number one job that gets them head coaching jobs. Heck, even when they aren't calling the plays themselves but the plays are good, they get hired. Philbin got a coaching gig from that while McCarthy called all the plays.

Red zone deficiencies, and stubbornness to not adjust during games are the two things I look at. Those ****ing bubble screens all ****ing year. You would think after Suggs snuffed it out, he would have stopped throwing 500 of them a game. And the one that should have sealed the win for Denver that was gift wrapped for the Steelers, that would have been a fitting end to the offense in the Wild Card game.

Steelers offense has to score in the red zone, period. Simple and easy. When you have 3 receivers who are studs, a stud TE and two really good running backs and a QB who can throw lasers, how the hell do you not score TD's inside the 10. It doesn't make sense and now that this has been addressed, Steelers can get someone who's ego isn't up in the air where it doesn't even have the right to be, and the Steelers can start protecting its QB while it scores TDs when they are suppose to.
*Shitty play caller?* How do you know? If Ben scrambles, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE CALLED PLAY WAS, GENIUS!?

How do you know he wasn't adjusting in-game. If Ben scrambles, the called play is dead!

WR quick screens are QB red light audibles. They are called by the QB when he sees 2 deep safetys and 7 crowding the line in run/pass red dog blitz. He knows he is going to get bum rushed, so he audibles to a quick WR screen, draw, dig, or wham. The wham usually results in the Rb getting tackled for a loss. The dig gets your Wr hurt, so that leaves a draw which they used to try with Fast Willie, and he usually got tackled for a 5 yard loss. So the Wr screen is safe and can be big if the Wr beats one guy. REGARDLESS, IT IS THE QB CALL.

In the red zone, those "LAZERS" actually have to be thrown, if Ben doesn't pull the trigger, then its Bens fault. He can throw it away if no one is open.

You people just don't understand fundamental football. When a QB scrambles, the O line has no idea where he is, the recievers have to improvise, and the play called in the huddle is not going to be ran.


Listen, if the OC calls a red zone play, say "X fade, Y slant, Z corner", and Ben takes the snap and scrambles, THE BLOCKING BREAKS DOWN, THE RECIEVERS RUN OUT OF ROUTE, AND THE CALLED PLAY IS NOT RAN. In that called play, the QB is supposed to throw the X fade on a 3 step drop, or if the X isn't open, throw the Y slant. If that isn't open, throw the Z corner, or throw it over his head and out the end zone.
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