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Default Re: Starkey: Steelers president out of bounds?

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
I will say this..

You have a $102 million dollar QB........then you leave him completely unprotected back there with an OL that can't block for s***, The guy's back there trying not to get killed. I've been amazed over and over and over again just how FAST opposing defenses mow through our line and are on Ben in 2 seconds............................... at times with only 3 guys up at the line in prevent situations....they're still on him. That seriously needs fixed. That part i agree with, no question.
Exactly. You can say it was play calling when you know your line can only block for a few seconds and you call a play that takes 7 or 8 seconds to develop. Then your QB HAS to scramble for his life.

former RB, you're not going to get anywhere with people on the board by constantly telling folks their opinions suck. I don't know why it's too hard for you to just say "Here's what I think" and lay out your thoughts without always having to tell us all how stupid we are. Sounds like you are compensating for something but that's my opinion. See how that works? Anyways, I'd suggest that if you get to a thread and feel the urge to start blasting at fellow Steelers fans before chiming in, then just skip the thread. But it would be a much better discussion if you could do your thing of playing devil's advocate without bashing folks here in the process.
Here we go STEELERS here we go!!!!!!!!!
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