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Default Re: Rooney needs to own and stop meddling

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
how can Tomlin be inept to a degree? He's either capable of being head coach or not, I don't think there are degrees in between. And I'd have to say in my opinion Tomlin is capable of coaching this team.

Rooney has shown that he can bring Championships to Pittsburgh and that he knows how to be a good owner.
THE Elder rooneys have shown it
New Jack Rooney Owner (59 Year old version has not)
You get one bad apple Rooney and they can ruin it

We MAY have that rotten apple with this current Rooney

We need Elder Rooney to drop the Ambassador role and come back and handle Steeler business

I just dont see any positives in him commenting and Ben having to answer questions that force him to make statements saying he is going to talk to the owner.

When Ben responded to that question that's when I realized Rooney needs to shut his pie hole. Those types of comments need to stay out of the media.
A savvy unselfish owner would have known that

That is a classic in house conversation we should only hear about 10 years after Ben retires
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