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Default Re: Rooney needs to own and stop meddling

Originally Posted by harts View Post
too many homers here
Rooney is making Tomlin look inept to a degree.
I am certain Tomlin and Rooney spoke , and Rooney gave consideration to what Tomlin had to say. Rooney did nothing wrong, in this day of mega media a player or owner can't sneeze without the media reporting on it.
Just like the media some of the fans are bowing this all out of proportion. If I read anything into this it's that Tomlin may just be on the hot seat as well. The fact that Tomlin didn't appear to keep control of Arians and the Offense forced Rooney to act. And if Ben was doing his own thing and not following the plan, I am sure that will be addressed with a new OC.
Of course this is all speculation on my part, as it is with most posters on here.

And here we go again with the "homer" label. What the hell is that anyway, Steeler fans not wanting to bash the ownership or any one else in the organization on a particular topic, support the team and we get called "Homer" as if its a negative thing. What a bunch of bullshit.

Damn right I am a "homer" I am passionate about the Steelers and support them no matter what and quite frankly support whatever decision they may make. I may not always agree but in the end they do what they think is best.
The Steeler way has worked out pretty well over the years and thats good enough for me!!
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