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Default Re: Playoffs format sucks

I couldn't agree more. I was searching for this on Google and came across this thread so sorry for bumping it up.

But I think the current format sucks because we never get to see some of the best teams against each other and it doesn't really convincingly produce the best teams in the Championship or Super Bowl. The best teams often also go home. There would be nothing wrong with a group format during the divisional week. Each Champion deserves to face the other and test each other against the other champion before playing in the Championship games.

There is nothing exciting about having the best teams 15-1, 13-3, 14-2, get knocked out in the first or second round. There would have been nothing wrong to still see all those other NFC teams playing each other either considering how tight the competition was.

Some players only win 1 playoff game in their career and it's ridiculous. I'd much rather have additional playoff games and either cut some pre-season games or the regular season, then see some of the best teams knocked out and watch Super Bowl blow outs. Two of the most satisfying games this year was between the Saints-49ers and Steelers-Denver. The rest didn't compare. And chances are this Super Bowl will be a blowout as well.

I wouldn't like additional playoff teams. I want additional playoff games between the top teams.
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