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Default Re: Ben in the Pro Bowl

Originally Posted by rgj View Post
Here's something to chew on......Steelers trade Roethlisberger to Indy for Manning.

Both are recovering from injury....

It would reuinte Cory-Rawson Roethlisberger and his buddy, Arians.....

It would bring Peyton Manning to the Steelers....

It would clear the Rooney's of a headache,
It would give Irsay a headache.....
It would give all the eSPiN talking heads extra air time....

Unless we get the colts 1st round draft pick along with manning it's easily the dumbest f'n thing I've heard on SF since thumper was running wild.

First off, if I'm not mistaken accepting a trade would also be accepting that MONSTER bonus Peyton is due this year, and even if it wasn't what good would a weak armed QB years past his prime be to this team? Only way I'd bring peyton in would be as a coach. Sorry, but there's too much of a question mark about his health. He may never get that zip back to his throw.
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