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Default Keith Butler Giving Steelers A Chance. Time to Tell LeBeau to Retire

The Post Gazette is reporting that the position for Butler to Colts is “not a done deal.” If that is the case the Steelers need to tell Dick LeBeau to retire immediately. I love Dick LeBeau but he is not going to be around for the next 10 years, Butler will be.

If Butler has not accepted this job yet the Steelers need to promote him to the job he wants to get him to stay. Butler is the best young up and coming 3-4 Defensive Coordinator to be in the NFL. He has learned under the best and is the best linebackers coach in the league. He is deserving of this spot and I would not be mad at him for leaving. He has waited his turn for more then long enough. To lose him because you can not tell LeBeau it is time to retire is just moronic.

Losing Keith Butler pushes this defense backwards years. There is no one on this staff or the NFL that can fill in for LeBeau once he does retire. The Steelers need to make this happen. You have until he goes on his final interview on Tuesday to get this done. Do not let him leave
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