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Default Re: Patriots v Ravens shouldn't even of been close. Officials are morons.

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
I can't help but wonder if that's why Brady plays so poorly against the Ravens. At times Sunday night it didn't look like his performance had anything to do with the Ravens defensive schemes, like when he missed Gronk wide open for what might have been a touch down.

I honestly wonder if he's just always nervous the whole game by cheap Ravens players ending his career and so is extra careful about everything he does.

They're definitely the dirties and most despicable team we have to play. Not sure about the entire NFL because I only watch so many NFC games, but the Ravens are, without question, certifiably pieces of shit.

I don't like them at all and I don't hate them in a "they're a rival, it's fun to hate them" sort way. I hate them in a "you're the scum of the earth on and off the field" sort of way.

F them and F their fans.

Maybe they can all just wear flags from now on so none of those pansies you root for ever have to take a hit. Lol I would rather be a piece of shit with a set of balls and some sense o how football should be played than a gigantic ***** with a massive sense of entitlement and a qb that folds in a stiff breeze. 0Td 2intlol elite...
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