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Default Re: Tomlin gathering info on Todd Haley

Anyone who has a problem with Haley as our OC will never be happy with anyone we hire.

What legit reason does anyone have that Haley wouldn't be a better OC then Arians? So far all I've heard is he's a jerk. Really? How does anyone know this? Because he butted heads with a mediocre QB who didn't listen to him? Does anyone really know how this guy is behind the scenes? To me he looks like a guy who doesn't like to lose... so much so that he gets pretty fired up. I don't see that as a bad thing. I see that as the exact thing this team needs. We've got a HC who watches the game like a spectator and cheers on his players no matter what. We've got a DC who's more cerebral in his coaching then most. Ever since Bill Cowher left I thought we needed someone who gets fired up and demands that his players play to perfection. I want a coach who can be a little bit of a prick if we lose.

Im' willing to bet if Haley won as a HC he'd be loved and respected...much like Bill Cowher was. Problem was he took over a team that just doesn't have what it takes to win...from the front office down. With out our front office does anyone believe Mike Tomlin would be winning? Put MT in KC - do you think he wins more games then Haley? Haley is so much more of a coach then Arians it isn't even funny.
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