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Default Re: Tomlin gathering info on Todd Haley

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
BS.... I see it every game. Wide open miller right at the first down marker. Ben totally ignores him to go for the Big Play. Next thing u know it's punt time... Check super bowl 45 check the Broncos game... (broncos go up by ONE point and they go into homerun mode and start punting when there's open men 4-5 yards down the field) Bens selfish man.... He's always injured, getting slow and out of shape. Don't always blame Arians play calling or the oline cause Ben can audible out of plays. Bens lazy and pretty dumb too... Proves it all the time. On and off the field..That's why he don't want to learn a new system or hire OC's from out of the organization... Next season I'd say someone start the Ben meter instead of the gay meter. I hope Haley comes in and gets Ben to his full potential instead of this mediocrity we've been seeing lately.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is Bens last season with Pit.
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