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Eli is also a lucky little bastard, though.
We can all agree on this, amirite?

Superbowl 42 was won on a really flukey play... It's one thing if one flukey occurrence takes place in a play but in the helmet catch there was more than that. How he squirmed out of that sack, then saw a covered receiver, then launched the football over his head, which was then brought down on a helmet with Rodney Harrison trying to rip it out of his hands is just unimaginable BS luck.

And the 49'ers out played the Giants in every way imaginable with the exception of special teams AKA one player named Kyle Williams who handed Eli a Superbowl trip gift wrapped with a red bow.

I can't handle the media doing what the media does and spinning controversy and nonsense which is exactly what they'll do if the Giants pull out a Superbowl win.
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