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Default Re: Banks on Pick #24

Originally Posted by kan_t View Post
The Steelers always take the best player available (in their view) in the draft. I don't think they will change this approach anytime soon.

No the steelers take BPA according to their needs... Meaning we could use NT Oline ILB so we will take the BPA of one of those areas.. and Thank goodness we do it like that...

Just think If the Steelers picked number one.. your telling me we would take LUCK... I dont think so.. We are paying 102 million for BEN and he is 29 years old... so the BPA theory is wrong... I agree we take BPA but its always towards a spot of need as well.. the truth is we always need more then one thing which is good and helps the BPA work...

Last year we were going into the year with Hampton a 10 year NT and a back up with Hoke at 34 years old.. Brent K... getting some age... Arron Smith coming off another injury and old... with Hood being the only young guy... Heywood was a need for sure... I think he would a good pick for that need but make no mistake about it we had to look at D line
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