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Default Re: Coaching wheels turning

Coaching changes are going to accelerate as more and more teams transition to the "spread offense" [4 wr's].

More and more teams are changing their defensive schemes to a 4-3 from a 3-4 to defnd the spread offense..
You have to commit 4 big studs to getting after the Qb, rather than using LB's off the corners in a 3-4.

The 4 wr spread offense is tough to defend, you have to drop your outside LB"s into coverage.

The steelers are going to be hard pressed to handle all the spread offenses they are going to see. They can't go to a 4-3 because they don't have the studs.

There aren't a whole lot of spread offense gurus out there right now .
Defenses have to be able to get after the QB with just 4 doen linemen and an occasional blitz from the safety of LB on a line stunt.

OC's have to design plays that beat LB's that drop into zones and flats with the 4 wide reciever sets.

The learning curve is going to cause casualties. The spread uses a TE and empty backfield, or a single back and no TE.

I'm interested to see if the steelers go 4-3 on defense and pick up some DT's from everywhere, and if they use the spread offense, or use a 2 TE set.

I'd like to see the new OC use a 3 wide base. And flex a 2 back set with a TE as an H-back type. Use 2 backs at times, and use one back and a H-back at times. Miller is a born H-back if you ask me.

H-backs are great for roll out blocking and lead blocking on pitch outs and shovels. They can move around to pick up a blitz too.
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