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Default Re: I hardly ever agree with anything Terrell Suggs has to say, except this.

Originally Posted by jsteleplayer View Post
But it wasnt until I saw a special on espn ranking the top linebackers of all time that I did a google search on that subject. Pretty much every list I could find, and I looked at a lot, had Ray in the top 3. The other two ususually being LT and Dick Butkis. Some of them also listed all their pro bowl, all pro awards, defensive mvps ect. When u compare his body of work against other great lbs, its pretty hard to argue with his placing. The lists were usually compiled by sports analyists and experts as well, not by fans who will of course be swayed by their home team.!
A lot of that has to do with those sports analysts and experts having extremely short memories as well as the influence of ESPN. Just about every tackle or hit Ray Lewis makes in every game gets played on ESPN over and over and over again and has been for over a decade. It can't be argued that this sort of oversaturation has had an effect on Lewis' legacy. Great linebackers like Chuck Bednarik, Joe Schmidt, Bill George, Tommy Nobis, Willie Lanier, etc. did not have the benefit of ESPN highlighting their every great hit and having it endlessly expounded upon and praised to the high heavens by countless "experts" and analysts back in the day. There were limited media outlets and far fewer people scrutinizing what they did.

Ray Lewis is a great linebacker, no doubt. Top 3?? Don't bet on it.

The only Raven I think would make a worthy Steeler would be Haloti Ngata. He plays like a Steeler and is on the wrong squad. Lewis has too much of that classless, trashy Miami Hurricane DNA all over him. I wouldn't want any Miami Hurricane polluting the Steelers roster, not even a great one like Lewis. Hurricanes taint every team they are on, IMO. Can't stand any of them.
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