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Default Re: I hardly ever agree with anything Terrell Suggs has to say, except this.

Didn't Suggs get into trouble for pouring bleach on one of his girlfriends?

Originally Posted by jsteleplayer View Post
First time poster here, Raven's fan as well. Somehow I stumbled on this board and have enjoyed reading it past few weeks. You guys are passionate fans! But after reading some recent posts I had to speak my mind. Realize I may get banned or get flamed and that's ok.

First off, I love this rivalry and no matter what you say, it is a rivalry. In past decade, a time when both teams have been good at the same time, we are the only team that beats you almost as much as you beat us. That being said, you absolutely do own us in the playoffs!! And I for one used to be nervous about facing you in the playoffs, you always had our number. However I do feel this year is different and things have shifted somewhat. I am hoping we get to face the Steelers in our stadium.

Secondly, I see so much talk about how the Raven's fans are trash, Baltimore is a trash city, everyone there is scum ect. While I agree that sections of Baltimore are horrible with a high crime rate ect, the counties and suburbs around it where much of the fan base comes from is actually very different. I live about 30 minutes from Baltimore and we have some of the top schools in the nation, the people are nice, it is relatively affluent and all around a great place to live! And that goes for pretty much all the areas surrounding baltimore with a few exceptions. I really see a lot of stereotyping going on here and I realize a lot of it just comes from good natured trash talking, but some of it crosses the line and is bordering on ignorance.

Last, and this is directed at 60 minutes. Most of your posts are in fact ignorant. To sit there and say you would never take Suggs on your team is laughable. If he and Ray Lewis were drafted by and lifelong Steelers, you would love it!! You say Suggs is a thug? Everyone who I know who has met him has said he is a fun loving jovial guy who laughs a lot and is fun to be around. I don't know if down the line he may get into trouble and be classified as a true thug but when I look at James Harrison punching an opponent who is down on his hands in knees in the back, that is what I call a thug. That being said, I would take him or Troy on my team in a heartbeat. Sure Suggs talks too much and is too flashy. Doesn't make him a criminal and a thug. And remember if he were a Steeler, "all those things he has said" would be about the Ravens. And not taking Ray Lewis? Please. You wouldn't take the guy who will probably go down as a top 3 middle linebacker to ever play the game? You don't realize that all your feelings about these guys would be totally different if they always wore black and gold. If Harrison was a lifetime Raven you would say THE SAME stuff about him based on his actions! And to say Rooney wouldn't have those players on their team because that isn't the Steeler way of doing things? Two words. Ben Roethlisberger. People love to classify other teams as full of criminals but I watch ESPN and see the "police blotter." Every team in the NFL drafts from the same pool and for the most part goes for talent before character. See, you posts are so full of contradictions it's amazing. Like the one where you say you hope to see a bone sticking out of Suggs leg yet the Ratbirds fans are the ignorant one's. I would never wish that on a player!!

Look I love the Raven's, I love to hate the Steelers. I LOVE the rivalry and so look forward to when they play. Just thought some of the comments crossed the line and wanted to speak my mind. So if is the last post I get to put on here, it's been fun! See ya!
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