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Default Re: "Super powerful" announcement right here

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
let me guess, you're gonna finally come out of the closet, and people are gonna go like 'oh that explains everything'?
Writing on a football discussion board doesn't qualify you for anything. I know a pretender when I see one. You just hide behind your keyboard and make "ignorant" "uninformed" STUPID opinions about things of which you have no clue.

This is a fan board, thats your only qualification. If some knowledge about the game was actually required, you'd never be here, you'd be on google trying to get computer football smart, so you could front.

You are just a stupid football fan that talks a lot and crys like a woman. You, like a woman, have no clue, and you never will.

It takes football experience to make intelligent comments, you can sound smart by repeating what you hear on sportscenter or the NFL network, but you aren't even a good poser.

Players don't hide behind keyboards and insult people, they know what it is.

I'd break your face if I ever saw you. You're just the kind of chump that I tend to knock out. If you don't know anything about the game other what you see on sports center, you ought to just cry and shut up. Like the girl you are. ******.
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