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Default Re: "Super powerful" announcement right here

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
lol you sound like some dude who thinks he's a know it all because he played high school ball. what college did you play for if you're any good?

I played 3 years in HS, I'm not impressed man. You wanna get into a real man's sport, train in MMA. Course guys like you quit after getting punched in the mouth. sissy
I blew out my knee in 80. Rehabbed for 2 years and moved to Denver. Boxed pro from 83 to 88. I never hit the canvas. I detached a retina and had to quit.
I moved back to PA. in 88 and opened a boxing club. Trained fighters in the western region of PA for the golden gloves. I personally know most Pa. fighters, and sparred with moast of them until 2000, when I broke a hand for the third time.

Moved to Wyoming and went to horseshoeing school at montana state university school of horse shoeing. I shoe horses for a living. In my spare time I start horses. I don't ride broncs or bulls anymore because I got too old, and been kicked too much.

As far as football goes, I played RB and ROLB and SS in high school, and RB in college. I weighed 222 lbs. and could run a 4.45 40.

As a pro fighter , i was 6 wins, 9 losses. Lost all 9 by decision.
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