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Default Re: "Super powerful" announcement right here

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post

take some of your own advice, takes a real tough guy to hide behind a keyboard and throw threats big guy. go relive your glory days of being a second stringer on your junior varsity team. if you were so great you would be current_rb instead of former_rb?

since you obviously think you're great, let's hear what football credentials you have? What college did you play for? If you haven't played on a level past high school, I'd say you're no more experienced than half the posters on this board
I'm a corporate partner in a profitable venture. I have $520,000 in my personal savings. I travel extensively. Would you like to meet me at the fight club of your choice? I'm 50, had a detached retina, surgery on both knees, 3 broken hands, and I know I can make you cry.

I played for a small school. I was labeled a hot head and hard to coach. Thats what kept me out of division 1. My coach and I didn't get along. He cost us games because he couldn't coach. The only reason he got the job was because he was the principle too.
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