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Default Re: Playoffs format sucks

People wouldn't find the playoffs nearly as exciting if there was a chance to redeem yourself. There's several reasons that viewership for the NFL playoffs far outstrips the viewership of the NBA, NHL, or MLB. All of those sports have a multi-game format where it's usually sorted out that the best team wins (not always, but usually) [also, I don't have any hard numbers, but I'm kind of guessing this is the case].

The first reason is "Any Given Sunday". You can get hot going in to the playoffs and pull off victory after victory. Momentum is HUGE in the NFL and has made for some historically great runs in the past few years (Steelers @ 6 (2005), Giants @ 5 (2007?), Green Bay @ 6 (2011)) and these teams may not have even made it if it were a best of 3 series or a round robin style. This style of win or bye is also what makes March Madness HUGE. Cinderella stories and buzzer beaters and EVERYONE is glued to the set to see if the Cinderella story is going to beat the next higher ranked team! I haven't watched a playoff NHL, NBA, or MLB game that wasn't part of the finals for years.

The other big reason that I can think of is injuries. The more you play, the more you're going to have injuries. This has the reverse effect of finding the best team. Yes, everyone has to deal with injuries and that's part of the game, but throwing more games in front of these guys is only a way to get them more injured and banged up.

Ultimately, I think the playoff format is fine. Does it suck to go on the road? Yeah, is it a fact of life in football? Yes. You don't want to go on the road? Win your division. It makes it exciting and it makes it feel like it means something.
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