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Default Re: Hey, Steeler fans (and Ratbirds!)

I wonder where this ****** was last year when Old Ungland got bounced by Mark Sanchez. They were one Lee Evans drop away from being sending Joe Flaccid to the Super Bowl. And now they're going to lose to Eli Manning again.

Jealous of the Patriots? I'm not jealous of a fools' gold franchise with fairweather fans. I don't want the Steelers to be like the Patriots. Because that means they'll be inferior to what they've been. You think New England gets to the Postseason on skill? They play in the most pathetic division in football, guaranteeing them a spot in the postseason. I wish the Steelers could play Shitzpatrick, Dirty Sanchez, and whatever crap the Dolphins trot out every year.

Bottom Line, the Pats aren't as good as you think they are and when the Giants (Who have beaten much better teams) whoop your ass again, you'll be nowhere to be found.

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