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Default Even more reason to root for N.Y in XLVI

Here is a post on one of my boards I visit quite frequently. Posters of all teams in our NFL Thread that gets as heated as it comes. There's 2 very arrogant Pats fans in there that are as confrontational as it gets. One of them guys, the Patriots never, ever, ever lose. He's one of those "refs" guys and one of those " I know the game better than you" fans. Typical straight up arrogant HOMER.

Here's his prediction on the game:

This is the 7th SB I've been subject to watching from this franchise. The Bears stomped them. Desmond Howard shoved a dagger in my chest, and the zebras ripped the last one from my chest. That being said, this team just knows how to win. You can bring up the Tuck Rule (too bad, so sad - the rule is the rule. Even *I* don't agree with it, but it's a rule - deal with it), you can bring up Spygate (technically breaking the rules, but most people don't even know the rule here. They just climb on the jealousy bandwagon and mouth off about things they know nothing about). This team wasn't supposed to beat the Greatest Team on Turf - they did. They won all 3 SBs by a field goal, what. You don't get points for style, or margin of victory.

This NY team shouldn't even be in this game. But they righted the mid-season shipwreck, and now they are here. This NY team isn't THAT good. They have talented players at individual positions, but all in all - they aren't all that. Their defense is heaps better than their offense. I still don't trust Eli in the big game. His SB win was an anomoly, gift wrapped by Goodell. Now both brothers have hardware...

My prediction? NY will struggle to score 21 points, and their defense will struggle to keep NE below 30. It is what it is gentlemen. Don't trick yourself into making the ***** choice of picking NY, because you can't recognize what's really going on. Ask yourself what your choice would be if O'Hara was called for holding Seymour in SB42, and NE had rightfully won that based on a non-call (refs had THREE holding calls to pick from on that ONE play, in fact), you are picking NY? Good Luck with that.

NE - 38
NY - 17

Lets go G-MEN!
"I believe the game is designed to reward the one's who hit the hardest. If you can't take it, you shouldn't play!" -Jack Lambert
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