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Default Re: Ut I'm pissed...

Well now that you mention it, I hope the Bengals and your Patsies make it to the playoffs so we can kick your ass. I guess they made some improvements in the offensive coaching unit... .....And I don't remembe what happen with Troy Brown...first not siging him and letting him go into free agency, then signing him.....thats a fucked up team....I guess they needed more money for their precious Tom Brady who really aint shit. Man I wish the Bengals had your asses in the regular season when it counts not the pre season, and don;t say we had the chance last year bc this is a new year. You think your getting another super bowl this year...Think again your "dynasty" reign is over....I'll be rooting for Pittsburgh when they play you (that will be the only time) and any other team that plays you.
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