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Default Not so safety call: Blame Brady for this one

Not so safety call: Blame Brady for this one
Print | Comments (21) Posted by Eric Wilbur, Staff February 5, 2012 10:25 PM

The legend is dead, the prince has turned back into a frog, and...well, use whatever other cliché you want.

A performance as bad as Tom Brady's tonight in Super Bowl XLVI deserves a lead just as lame.

Sorry, Tommy Boy, this one's on you. Your hideous performance led to the Giants' 21-17 Super Bowl title win. How embarrassing for your coach, your teammates, and your fans.

But especially for you, boy wonder. It was one thing when you led the game off with a safety, which surely put plenty of faith into the heart of Patriot Nation, but just when you have the game, just when you might be able to run off the clock, you huck the thing downfield. Yes, if Wes Welker catches that thing, you're in the clear, and fans will place the blame either way, but what happened to being safe in that situation? What happened to the Patriot Way and clock management?

What happened to you?

What an embarrassment for the Patriots organization and Bob Kraft.
So now the Giants have taken Lombardi from you twice, and you haven't looked this bad in a playoff game since...well, two weeks ago against the Ravens. Maybe that moment will actually hit you as your whittling down water slides in South America looking like Prince Valiant this spring. The Patriots haven't won a title in seven years, but even worse, they're now turning into the Buffalo Bills, with the Giants being their Cowboy daddy. That's not easy to swallow in a region where New York is regarded as highly as the menu at Beacon Hill Pub.

But, there you are, Tom. That's what you have become. Your legacy has been stamped, but you're turning your Joe Montana status into one of Jim Kelly. But, hey what you worry? There's that new mansion in the "Names" pages to deal with.

Yes, there were plenty of dropped passes to go around. Granted. But when you begin the game with such a boneheaded play, then proceed to make random mistakes, sorry, Tom, game is on you.

There was no fourth and 13 to blame Belichick for.

Welker was the closest thing to Asante, and the eeriness compared to the Tyree play will be discussed for decades to come.

Thanks for that too. Can't wait. Oh, look, another text coming in from 212...

Tom, it's not all your fault, but you're the poster boy, you had opportunities, and you failed to make them. Add to that your blunders, and it all becomes about you. You blew this Super Bowl. You denied your coach No. 4. You let down your teammates.

Eli and Peyton now have as many rings as you combined over the past five years. You haven't sniffed one in seven. How's that hit you?

Maybe it doesn't hit you as hard anymore, and maybe that's the problem.

The safety killed the Patriots. Killed them.

And there's nobody to blame but Tom Brady.

However hard it might be to swallow, the glory days are gone. Even Montana handed off to Mallett at some point, right?

(Once again if the Patriots can't cheat they don't win. Their stolen Super bowls are forever tainted with the stench of their cheating foulness. There never was Patriot dynasty. It was all a cheating lie.

Poor Shady Brady, I guess he's not such a good QB when he doesn't know what play the defense is running. Now his own town has turned on him since this article is from the Boston Globe. The loser Brady should retire now because he will never win another Super Bowl. - mesa)
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