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Default Re: Not so safety call: Blame Brady for this one

Here are a few choice comments from the losers.

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Yesss wrote:
danman54 wrote:
Looking forward to the pictures of Tom and his dchbag wife sipping on chardene next week in Paris. That should draw a lot of sympathy for him and his wife right?

That woman cursed the New England Patriots... that is my explanation for this team having trouble in the Superbowl two times against the same guy!!!

flawedsystem wrote:
Brady's brain was not in this game whatsoever. I suppose if I was building a completely unnecessary 22,00 sq foot, $22M mansion estate on an $11M parcel of land in the LA Hills, I too, would not be the least bit focused on the game at hand.

patzrcheaters wrote:
Love the Pats "fans" saying "Brady can't get it done, or carry us anymore..."

Brady is the Pats... W/o him they'd win 5 games tops! They'd be the Colts... Bad D, No wr's, no running game. He's all they have...

Pats fans aren't that bright
... If you want to dump him for not being "clutch," I'll let you have Mark Sanchez.

WayneSwoop wrote:
Either Belichick gets a real upper echelon coaching staff (and eases off the paranoid, micro-managing) or we run into this next year. Did the Pats overachieve? Yes and no. Yes, given the personnel and no, with all their picks (and really not that many season ending - IR injuries) they should have more prime-time/clutch players. Belchick's "genius" (which he is not) makes him immune from criticism from the press. Not the same mind you - but a little reminiscent of the red Sox/Theo & Terry Francona situation.

Aivdivad wrote:
Brady's luck has come to an end. Since he was at Michigan he was at the right place at the right time, same with New England, Drew went down and he was fortunate enough to be able to step in take the PATS to a new level, however after all of this time in the league, Brady at best is a middle of the road QB at this point in his career, it has been a good ride for the Brady family and his place is secure in the Hall, but he has been the benefit of good luck and tonight the LUCK ran out!

Soxfan2434 wrote:
The Pats lost the game before they even started. Their offense is a neutered version of the one that set records in 2008. It's all well and good to basically run a passing offense through your tight ends, but when one of them goes down and doesn't have that mobility you HAVE to have WRs who can make plays.

They threw ONCE to Ocho and barely looked at him all year. Welker belongs in the slot and ideally catches 10-yard passes and collects YAC yards. They don't have a deep threat and in the end that killed them. Randy Moss was an a$$, but this offense hasn't been the same without him.

Full credit to NYG for the win.

acfirm wrote:
Yaso#77 - Brady played well? Which game did you watch? Intentional grounding resulting in 2 points on the first play? He played well? your nose is far up his rear you cannot smell the stink he left behind.

ipot wrote:
The Welker drop was just as much a function of:

a) the throw was behind him.
b) more importantly, all the other O failures that led up to making it about that 1 play.

Brady was rattled and inconsistent all game. AGAIN

zebraa wrote:
So predictable, Everyone knows real men don't wear UGGs.

(There much more than I can post but if you want a good belly laugh check out - mesa)
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