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Default Re: LOL.,.. i dont ever want to hear it again

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
I guess that puts it to a rest all you blow hard brady lovers ( On the steelers chat board which I dont get ) anyway lets make sure we never here that Brady is the best ever again period..................

Unless of course you want to say Brady is the best ever next to Eli lol... if Eli beats you twice in the Superbowl then you can never say your the best again... ever...

Montana, Bradshaw those guys win the games... Brady is a two time losing quarterback that has never won a superbowl bowl without cheating... If it comes down to him having to make a play to win the game he will never do it... if he dont get to stand in the pocket and look around and everything be perfect then he is screwed... This is one of the reasons he is a two time losing Superbowl player he cant create nothig to carry his team like the great ones do... The true great QB's of all time.. the ones that win the big game... Montana,,, Bradshaw, Aikman,, Manning Eli and.. BEN... all these guys win superbowls... Brady IMO falls behind these guys... he lost 2 throw him back there with Jim Kelly lol... best quarterback in history my ass...

plain and simple you can never call him the best QB in history now that ELI has beat him twice
I think you hit the proverbially nail right square on the head!
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